MH X Solutions

Cross-platform internet solutions

I'm a software development company without overhead.
What I make is according to the principles of GTD and KISS.

Security audits

Nowadays, there are many messages in the news concerning security, GDPR / AVG, PCI-DSS, hacked websites where the owner is blackmailed, business-critical systems fail or the private data of the users have come to lie on the street.

Because of the knowledge I have gathered over the past 24 years, finding and solving problems has become part of me.

As a result, it has become a breeze to me to screen the security of (web) systems in a very short time, to map and to deliver a risk analysis report so that you can decide for yourself whether the risk is acceptable or not.

Software development

Through my knowledge in C, C ++, Delphi, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and SQL, writing company-specific software and games is a possibility.
My specialization is mainly in rental, ticket and reservation systems, some of which have already been realized with regard to PMS , POS , festivals, water sports, winter sports, radio / DJ support and fiscal data modules.

As an IT Architect, I will first enter into a preliminary process to map out your idea and then explain a roadmap that will be realized through milestones.

Website development with 25% less costs

I do this by executing the design phase directly in HTML5 + CSS3.

Many companies still use a 20-year-old method whereby a design is first made using graphic software (such as CorelDRAW, GIMP or Adobe Fireworks / Photoshop) and then converted to HTML5 + CSS3.

If a design agency was used, the cost savings would be even greater because a design agency would have to correspond a lot with the development agency to explain what they meant, and often forget about the interactive parts or not work it out correctly (for flyer / printed matter). is it staggering, a website is unfortunately another sport).

The web is interactive and not static image, so you also get an interactive design directly within a short time, in which you can immediately see what happens when you place your mouse on a link or click on a movie (which is not possible with a static design).

In addition, direct account is taken of various types of hardware such as your mobile phone, tablet and e-mails.

Many people write our name as MHX Solutions, this is very logical but the X is a separate component with reverence to "cross" platform solutions surrounding Android, GNU / Linux, iOS, OSX and Windows.
We do not mind that you write "MHX Solutions", this text should ensure that you still end up here in search engines.